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Welcome to the Social-Media-Observatory wiki!

Are you interested in research with social media data and are don’t really know where to start, or are you already working with it and need help? This wiki is the central knowledge and documentation base of the Social Media Observatory (SMO). It is aimed at providing you with an overview and guidelines on how to work responsibly with social media data in the most convenient way possible: From an overview of the options and tools for scraping, mining, and analyzing data on various social media platforms, to guidance and training on how to use them, to questions about ethics and the law, and more - we try to support your research process from start to finish.

The bleeding-edge, editable version can be found here, the less frequently updated, but better reviewed, β€˜pretty’ version waits here.

About Us

If you want to learn more about us, or share this project with others, we have a landing page.

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Blank Spots in the Wiki

Because we’re just starting out, some sections are not much more than a heading. So here are some explanations what to expect there.

Knowledge Base

Also, if you have basic, but crucial, social media knowledge to share (for example overall measurement baselines for certain platforms or demographics) or examples of instructive (un)successful case studies (not necessarily your own), feel free to create the first pages in the Knowledge Base section.

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We have an ongoing authorship statistic that will be used to acknowledge authors in future publications based on this wiki (e.g. in form of a citations for a Figshare or OSF project):

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If you want to be properly acknowledged, make sure to use your clear name on Github when editing. Otherwise it’ll be hard for us to properly acknowledge you. However, pseudonymous contributions are always welcome and will be counted.

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