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Cross Platform Tools


Welcome to the Miscellaneous Tools page.

This page is dedicated to all tools that are not related to any kind of social network that we have covered so far (or all of them together). These tools vary from web-based application to tools that need a local installation. This list is not in any specific order. All tools you find in this list have been tested. If you still face any problems with the tools bellow, make sure to add an issue to our repository. It helps us to maintain this list.

Useful Tools & Descriptions


minet is a webmining command line tool & library for python (>= 3.7) that can be used to collect and extract data from a large variety of web sources such as raw webpages, Facebook, CrowdTangle, YouTube, Twitter, Media Cloud etc. It adopts a very simple approach to various webmining problems by letting you perform a wide array of tasks from the comfort of the command line. No database needed: raw CSV files should be sufficient to do most of the work.

Notable: Can access several platforms, some of them via scraping and the API.

Last tested: 25 March 2023


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