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The Konstanz Information Miner, shortened to KNIME, is an open-source data analytics platform.
Through its intuitive approach to workflows - which are created visually, instead of through manual coding – KNIME’s learning curve is held low. Each step of the workflow is contained within a node, which can be started, paused, or stopped. Users without prior coding knowledge are able to create data flows which transform, analyze, and visualize large quantities of data. This, in turn, aids in the further understanding the basics of code logic. As KNIME is open source, a variety of extensions are available on both the KNIME Analytics Platform and GitHub, allowing users to make the most of their data and other user’s prior work. ### **Pros** - Open-source - Visual approach (easy for non-programmers) - Can process large amounts of data - Access to a variety of extensions - Can train machine learning models ### **Download and Documentations** - [Download]( (KNIME Homepage) - [Github]( - [Official Documentation]( - [Example Workflows]( Tutorial - [KNIME Learning Platform]( - [Courses]( - [Video Tutorials](

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