SMO Wiki

A pretty snapshot of the Wiki brought to you by the Social Media Observatory at HBI

How to use and maintain the wiki

How to search this Wiki

The search function is a bit hidden.

  1. Use the search box of Github (likely in the upper left).
  2. Type your search term and choose “Search this repository”.


  3. On the results page choose the “Wiki” tab.


How to edit a page

For editing pages in this Wiki, you need to be logged into a Github account.

  1. Navigate to the page
  2. Click edit
  3. The recommended and easiest way to edit this wiki is “Markdown” (in a dropdown above the editor). Tutorials for this can be found here (simple, interactive), here and here (both more detailed, and including Github-specific extras).

Create and Link to a new page

There are two ways to create a page. Creating a link first (recommended) or creating a page first.

  1. When editing a page, you can simply create a link like this: Here is a [not yet existing page](not-yet-existing-page).
  2. By clicking the (red) link on the edited page you will open an editing page for the not yet existing page.
  3. If you save the page, all red links to the page will turn blue.

Creating red links to not-yet-existing pages in a text is a good way to mark TO DOs for pages that should exist.

Create page first

  1. In the wiki click “New Page” (somewhere in the upper-right corner)
  2. When the page is created and finished you can link to it from other pages via a simple link, e.g. in the Markdown editor like this: Here is the [new page]]. This will result in a link to the [new page.


You can use this article template to structure your wiki article.

Export articles

  1. Clone the wiki as a repository with the link provided on the right (e.g. with the Github Desktop Client)
  2. The articles will be downloaded as text-files (in Markdown) in the project folder.

Export to ‘pretty’ wiki

Only authorised members of the SMO core team with push access to the page’s repository can do that, following the instructions in the README there. Raise an issue there if you think a change from here needs to be urgently reviewed and included in the pretty version.