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Twitter Academic API Track Application

How to apply for a Twitter API Academic Research access

  1. Check whether you’re eligible for this API Track:

    Apply as an Academic researcher if you’re…

    • Employed as an academic researcher, post-doc, professor, or fellow.
    • A master’s student working on a thesis.
    • A PhD candidate working on their dissertation.
    • Affiliated with an academic institution AND have a clearly defined project.


  2. Make yourself familiar with Twitter’s TOS and especially restricted use cases in order to assess whether your research can be approved under those terms.
  3. Get a Twitter account if you don’t have one already. Better: associate your existing account with your academic institution’s email address. This is not a requirement, but we think it might help in getting approved, as platforms tend to take into account if an account already exists for a while in order to prevent fraud. The association with the institute’s email address is, again, just another indicator that your request is legit.
  4. Get a Twitter Developer Account and apply for the Academic Track
  5. Wait for approval.